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Newborn / Babies

Having a newborn or baby means that you can't easily head out for a photo session so we come to you.  Not only are you in the comfort of your own home where feeding / nappy changes are easiest, but you and your baby are most comfortable and relaxed.  This ensures less stress for you and your child and also makes for the best photographs.

We can also meet you at other locations that you may prefer, such as your local park for example.  You may wish to have other siblings or family there if you would like to include them in the photo session.  The choice is yours.  

Most importantly we understand that whilst you may have everything set up and ready to go, baby may not want to co-operate, so with this in mind we do not rush you or pressure you to get the images taken.  We work with you , the best images are taken when everyone is calm and relaxed.

Every Newborn / Baby session we offer includes all the High Resolution images.

Giving you the Hi-res images not only saves you money, but gives you total freedom over your images. We don't believe it's fair to with-hold your images and force you to buy your prints from us.  It's your choice to take your images and get them printed at your leisure where you control how much you want to spend. If you prefer, we are also able to arrange prints / canvas and block mounts for you. The choice is totally yours. There are no pushy sales gimmicks.

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